March 2020 came and all events came to a screeching halt. Many businesses and organizations stopped marketing completely. I used the analogy when speaking to a colleague the other day, “it is all like we became turtles and stuck our heads in our shells.”

Many businesses and organizations are still silent. Some are struggling to know what their message should be. And others are starting to navigate the new uncharted waters. How is your organization doing? Do you have a plan? Are you contemplating the future and what could potentially be happen in a month, three months, six months or even a year?

Plan now to be sure you are not silent…ever. No matter the circumstances, your business/organization needs to continue to have a voice. Whether you are closed down or open, you need to stay connected to your customers.

  1. Plan a strong voice on social media outlets.
  2. If you host events, have a plan to go virtual or provide a new option to be sure your guests can feel comfortable and social distanced.
  3. Do not stop your advertising, but changing your tone of voice may be needed.
  4. Remember, your customers want to hear from you – they just may not feel like being sold to, depending on the circumstances of our world.
  5. We are human. Your customers want to be connected and know you care about them.