Deciding what our first blog post should be after some time in the quiet, took a couple weeks. There are so many ideas and options that we can share (and we will) – but there is one scene from the ever popular show Friends that keeps coming to mind. The famous scene where Ross continues to repeat the word “PIVOT” over and over again as they try and maneuver a couch is what keeps coming to mind.

It seems over the last few months, we have all had to pivot. For a while, you may have continued to do the same things in life, at work and even at home with family. However, that came to an end at some point. There was a deciding moment that you either came to a realization on your own or you had someone point it out to you, “life is not normal right now” and it is time to make adjustments and pivot the direction we were headed in all aspects of life. Even though the pivot scene from Friends could be watched over and over, and still get a giggle from the audience – our life doesn’t seem quite as comical.  But…if you watch the scene there are several aspects that can parallel our lives right now.

  1. It is always respectable to have a plan, but do you have a back up?
  2. Being organized and a strong leader, sometimes is not enough…the people you surround yourself are more important than you may realize.
  3. We need to remain strong and courageous, even when things seem impossible.
  4. The people we surround ourselves with should be supportive, but also be truthful – can you take the honesty?
  5. When life doesn’t go exactly as we plan, it’s not giving up – it is a pivot in a different direction and our goals shifting a bit.
  6. Ask for help before you get stuck, it doesn’t show weakness – it demonstrates strength and leadership.

Stay strong during these uncertain times, and remember a PIVOT right now is admirable and understood.

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