Fall outdoor restaurant seating

It happened this week….lunch with a colleague and the choice to go inside or stay outside. It was chilly! They were open to do either option, but still uncomfortable going indoors – we sat outside. Michigan in the fall can be beautiful, but the temperatures take a drastic plunge.

So what will the rest of fall and winter look like for our Michigan restaurants? Will they get creative and provide outdoor seating, even in the winter months? Will people be willing to bundle up and sit outside? Or will restaurants be relying on carryout and hoping people will come indoors?

As patrons that want to support local restaurants, how can we help?

  1. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors for restaurants that are providing outdoor seating. Be sure to check in and take a photo while you are there! Share on your social media and tag the restaurant.
  2. Purchase gift cards to restaurants for the holidays and other important celebrations. Even newlyweds would enjoy vs a money gift.
  3. Commit to at least one night (more if able) to purchase carry out from one of your favorite restaurants, if you are uncomfortable eating inside.
  4. Re-share posts made by restaurants on your personal social media.
  5. Do a review on the restaurants via social media or Yelp.


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