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Marketing & PR

Marketing & advertising plans, social media management & content building, digital advertising, writing assistance, public & community relations

Brand Development & Strategy

Logo & brand identity development, collateral material design, website development

Ongoing Support

Event planning, community introductions & partnerships, and more!

Our belief is that we should “give back” always. At Aisling, we have a continuous opportunity for students to gain experience in a field of interest. We partner with several non-profit groups in the Metro Detroit area that need assistance to meet their needs and goals in the community. We welcome all that are looking for an experience to support an organization or even if there is a need to complete a large project for credit or to advance them to the next level. We partner and work with these interns to be sure they get the experience they need but provide top-notch service to our partners. There is an extensive interview process for our internships for you to start walking the Aisling Road with us.

There are different internships available at different times. Examples include:

  • Unpaid Internships
  • Stipend Internships
  • Paid Internships
  • Internships for High School/College Credit
  • Volunteer hours


Here's some stuff we're thinking about. Some of it might even be relevant or topical.

Empathetic Marketing

The term “empathetic marketing” has been used a lot recently, and it makes you pause and contemplate what it means. As we navigate the crisis and the impact on businesses across the country, understanding this Read more…

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